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All About Wanderful Camper Adventures

    Hello! Jamie and Todd here. We started Wanderful Camper Adventures  with our love for camping in mind. We're family owned and operated in Ashland, NH right near the geographical center of NH. Minutes to our north are the majestic White Mountains, minutes south is the Lakes Region of NH.

     We are campers! We've gone from tents, to a pop up, to travel trailers. We try average a minimum of a 100 nights a year. Our love of the camping brings our family together no matter what the age. Our goal is to help others create lasting memories with family and friends. Whether you are a first time camper, a seasoned veteran or anything in between, we want to take our own experiences and use them to make your trip WANDERFUL! 

     Some of our favorite places to camp, on the Pemi River (we spend nearly all summer there!), Bar Harbor, Cape Cod, Lake Champlain, and South Carolina.

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